"The people I
talked to were
all pleasant
and professional.
Pay-Tel sent me
a statement...
which kept me
aware of my
balance which
was most

GP - Winston-Salem, NC


To apply for a Direct Bill Account with a credit limit of $50.00, please fill out the form below. PAY-TEL Communications, Inc. will send you a bill bi-monthly. With a Direct Bill Account your service will not be interrupted as long as you pay your bi-monthly invoices on time and keep your outstanding charges under your credit limit.

For privacy and security of your personal information, you need to create your own six-digit Personal Identification Number or PIN. You will need your PIN to access your account in the future to check your account balance or to request a refund of unused funds. Your PIN should be written down and kept in a secure location.

Complete the form below; click "SUBMIT" and a confirmation page will be displayed. Direct Bill Applications are processed in a timely manner during normal business hours. You will be sent an e-mail within 24 hours with verification of approval or denial of your credit application. Once your Account Number and PIN have been confirmed, you may access your account to check your balance or make a payment 24 hours a day.

Once you open a PAY-TEL Account, no additional charges will be billed on your local telephone bill. Any calls accepted prior to opening your PAY-TEL account will be billed on your local telephone company bill and must be paid on time to continue service with PAY-TEL.

If PAY-TEL receives notification from your local telephone company of an outstanding balance on your local phone bill for PAY-TEL calls, your PAY-TEL Account calling privileges may be suspended until the outstanding balance is paid.

When you choose to open a Direct Bill Account it is a permanent decision.

Phone conversations with inmates will be recorded and are subject to monitoring at anytime and all called party information is available to law enforcement.

Thank you for your interest in PAY-TEL's Direct Bill Account Option.

* Telephone Number:
[Number Inmate will Dial, Also Your Account Number] [XXX-XXX-XXXX]
* Pin Number:
[6 Digit Number]
* Retype Pin Number:
* Security Question:
* Security Answer :
[Answer must have at least 4 characters.]
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Facility State:
* Facility Name:
* Social Security Number:
[9 digits, no spaces or dashes]
* Drivers License Number:
, [DL Number and State]
* Date of Birth:
* Email Address:
* Retype Email Address:
* Address1:
* City, State Zip:

By choosing "I Agree" and clicking "SUBMIT" the applicant gives permission for PAY-TEL to run a credit report for the sole purpose of obtaining your Beacon Credit Score. Applicants must meet a predetermined Beacon Score range to be considered for a Direct Bill Account. By choosing "I Agree" and clicking "SUBMIT" you are also acknowledging that phone conversations with inmates will be recorded and are subject to monitoring at anytime and all called party information is available to law enforcement.

If you do not qualify for a Direct Bill Account, please consider our Prepaid program.

PAY-TEL Communications, Inc. reserves the right without notice to its customers and in its sole discretion to modify or amend any or all of its policies.

The theft of telecommunications services is a crime. PAY-TEL Communications, Inc. reserves the right to block calls to persons that do not pay for services and to prosecute individuals that attempt to steal such services.

Important Note: This form will be transmitted in a secure, encrypted format using the SSL protocol.


To proceed please review the Terms of Use, check the I agree box and click SUBMIT.

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